The AC Installation Guide to Compact, High-Velocity Ductwork

30 June 2021
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If you are looking for one of the most efficient AC options to help cool down your home, you might need something that is compact. Today, high-velocity HVAC systems provide heating and cooling options through a network of highly efficient compact ducts. Thus, you probably want to consider the options for the installation of a compact duct system. The following AC installation information will help you plan your high-velocity HVAC system: Read More 

Ways to Keep Your Residential Air Conditioning System in Tip-Top Condition

11 June 2021
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When it comes to keeping your home's air conditioning system in prime condition, investing in professional AC maintenance service is a must. Indeed, AC maintenance is one of the main types of services offered by AC contractors in most parts of the U.S. This type of service is intended to prevent rather than resolve any problems that you may encounter with your residential cooling system. This way, you can keep it running smoothly and efficiently while avoiding potentially costly AC repair bills. Read More 

Simple Checklist To Buying A Reliable Air Filtration System For Your Home

13 May 2021
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For several decades, air filters were considered a luxury, but that has recently changed into a necessity. Air purifiers are critical in filtering indoor air by removing hazardous airborne particles and biological elements to provide your home with clean air.  If you've decided to purchase a residential air filtration system, here is a simple checklist to help narrow down your options.  The Type of Air Filter By design, air purifiers are made up of multiple filters that require periodic replacements. Read More 

3 Reasons Your AC Unit May Freeze Up And How To Fix The Problem

20 April 2021
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Your air conditioner plays a critical role in cooling the indoor environment during the hot season. Unfortunately, it may not work efficiently when any of its components are faulty or not working. An AC unit has various components that work together to maintain the cool environment you need when it's hot. When the AC unit freezes, it might not be possible to enjoy cool indoor air. It's good to know why the unit seems to freeze up and why you should contact air conditioning repair service. Read More 

Signs You Need Your Furnace Repaired

15 March 2021
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If you are worried that your furnace may break down during the cold season, then you are like many homeowners. Experts recommend having your furnace maintained regularly. If you are unsure whether your furnace needs repairs or maintenance, here are signs to look out for. 1. High Heating Bills Energy efficiency is one of the main signs that your furnace should be repaired. If you have been performing proper furnace maintenance and your air ducts are sealed yet you still have high heating bills, this could be a sign that your furnace needs repairs. Read More