3 Things To Consider When Replacing Your Furnace Filter

1 December 2017
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The heating season is quickly approaching, so it is a great time to check your system to prepare it for the drastic dip in outdoor temperatures. While surprising for many homeowners to learn, the filter is one of the most essential parts of the furnace. Not only does it trap in dirt, dust, and other allergens, but it also enables conditioned air a free passageway into the house. Changing your filter before the start of the heating season is smart, but most experts recommend changing it once a month for the most effective and efficient flow of air. Read More 

The Best AC Installation Option For Your Home

17 October 2017
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Have you decided that is is finally time to invest in AC for your home? If you are sick of relying on open windows and fans to cool down your house, AC will be a welcome upgrade. Of course, there are a few options when it comes to residential AC. This article focuses on the key differences between central AC systems and portable AC units. They can both be very effective for certain properties, so you want to figure out which work best for your house. Read More 

Are You Making These 3 Mistakes With Your Kitchen Renovation?

23 September 2017
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Depending on the changes you want to incorporate, remodeling your kitchen could potentially be an expensive undertaking. Therefore, it is important to avoid mistakes that could lead to additional expenses. To prevent this from happening, here are a few mistakes to watch out for: Letting the Contractor Make All Decisions Although the expertise of the contractor is necessary during your remodeling project, you should never leave all decision-making to him or her. Read More 

Three Keys For Air Conditioning Repair And Maintenance

7 September 2017
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When you need your air conditioner to serve you, it pays to handle the best maintenance possible. By getting all that you need out of your air conditioning system, you will be able to keep your energy costs incredibly low and your home comfort very high. By taking the time to contact an air conditioning contractor, you'll be well taken care of and glad that you took the time to hire a seasoned technician. Read More 

Simple Air Conditioning Maintenance

24 August 2017
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Your air conditioning system is the only way that you can get through a hot summer. It is so relaxing to have the ability to escape the heat and enjoy a relaxing cool day. In order to do this the air conditioning system has to be up and working properly, and it seems that the summer is the time when the air conditioning system malfunctions in some way or another. There are a few things that you can do as the homeowner to keep the air conditioning system up and running at full force through the entire summer. Read More