No Spores Indoors: What You Need To Know About Mold In Your Central Air

18 May 2015
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A common problem with household air conditioning systems is the development of mold. Since your air conditioner sends cool air throughout your home, that means any mold growing in it will be distributed through your home as well. The best way to keep mold at bay is to clean and service the air conditioner regularly. Here is some helpful information about what can cause mold in your air conditioner, how to spot it and what to do about it. Read More 

The Pros And Cons Of Solar Water Heaters

27 March 2015
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You may be considering a solar powered water heater as replacement for an electric or gas powered unit. There are numerous arguments in favor and against such devices. Throughout the course of this article, you will be informed of the many pros and cons of solar powered water heaters.  Pros The primary reason many individuals choose to purchase and install a solar powered water heater is the fact that, in the long run, such units can save you a lot of money. Read More