The Best AC Installation Option For Your Home

17 October 2017
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Have you decided that is is finally time to invest in AC for your home? If you are sick of relying on open windows and fans to cool down your house, AC will be a welcome upgrade. Of course, there are a few options when it comes to residential AC. This article focuses on the key differences between central AC systems and portable AC units. They can both be very effective for certain properties, so you want to figure out which work best for your house.

Portable AC Units

Portable AC units (despite the name) are not 100% portable. They need to be plugged into a power supply, and they work best if the input hose is connected to an open window or door. That is, a portable unit can be free-standing in the middle of a room, but it won't work as effectively if it is not sucking in air from the outside. Portable AC units use the same technology as window units. They produce crisp, cold air, but they have limited range. You can further circulate the air by using fans. But, the AC unit will already use a fair amount of electricity, so adding a fan into the mix means you will definitely notice an increase on your electricity bills.

However, these AC units are only effective in small rooms. For instance, it might be the best choice for a small studio that doesn't have windows large enough for a window unit. They are very affordable, and all you just need to plug it in to get it running.

Central AC Systems

Central AC systems are far more expensive than portable units. Of course, they can only be installed in buildings that already have ducting within the walls. If you already have central heating, than this won't be an issue. While central AC might be more expensive to install, it definitely works much better. In a home with multiple rooms or levels, central AC is the best way to evenly cool down the house. This ultimately means that you can run your AC less often, using less electricity and saving money.

You might need to buy and run several portable units to keep your home cool. Central AC is not only more convenient for homes with multiple rooms, it is also more energy efficient. In the end, portable units might be your best bet if you are renting a small apartment of studio. Learn more about your options by contacting an air conditioner installation contractor.