5 Items You Shouldn't Let Down Your Drain

18 October 2021
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Drains can handle a lot over the years, but they also have their limits. You can't flush everything down the drain, even if they're biodegradable. Poor drain maintenance and use often result in blockages. You'll require drain cleaning, which you could have avoided if you paid attention to what you put down the drains. 

Here are items that should never go down your drain.


It's hard to avoid hair going down the drains because of the constant use of the bathroom. Occasionally, some hair strands will slip through, but it doesn't mean that it should be a daily occurrence. 

If you have large amounts of hair clogging your pipes, then you will need a plumbing contractor to perform drain cleaning services. 

Paper Products 

Although paper is among the main things you can allow down your toilet, it doesn't mean that all papers are allowed through. Toilet paper is designed to crumble when it comes in contact with water. 

Other types of papers take longer to crumble and form clumps that can block your drains. If you use wet wipes, swaps, cotton balls, and paper towels, don't throw them in your toilet. If you do, expect to hire a plumber to unclog your drains. 

Cleaning Products and Medications 

You may have watched some movies where people throw their medications in the drains and thought you could do the same. Although it looks like an effective way to get rid of medication, don't do it. 

Most of the chemicals you flush down the drain end up in the sewage filtration systems. These filtration systems can only filter out so much before the rest is released to water bodies. The medications and cleaning products you throw in your drain may not block it but may affect the water supply. 

Coffee Grounds

Over 62% of Americans drink coffee every day. This means that almost every home has coffee grounds. Once they're used, most of the grounds are thrown away. Some prefer to throw the grounds down the drains. 

Unfortunately, coffee grounds don't break it down easily; instead, they clump together, causing drain blockages. This is why coffee grounds are among the top reasons people seek drain cleaning services. If you use coffee grounds to brew your coffee, find a suitable way to dispose of the remains. 

As long as you're careful what you put in your drains, you can keep your drains clog-free. If they clog, you can contact a local plumbing service.