Is Your Boiler Malfunctioning? Seek Boiler Repair Services

2 December 2021
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Picture spending a cold winter day in a house without a heating system, trying to stay warm by wearing piles of clothing and drinking copious amounts of coffee. Sounds terrible, right? But it doesn't have to be that way. With an excellent heating system such as a central boiler, you can comfortably endure the freezing days from the comfort of your home. However, like other residential heating systems, boilers are susceptible to various issues, the most common being overheating. If you want to find out more about malfunctioning boilers due to overheating, this piece is for you.

Why Do Boilers Malfunction?

One of the major causes is overheating. Boilers often overheat when there's an excessive limescale buildup. This problem mainly affects homeowners who use hard water rife with magnesium and calcium minerals. Since limescale build-ups mostly foam thick coating on the heating elements used by boilers, they reduce direct contact between the boiler component and water. That means the boiler struggles and uses more time and energy to heat water as the buildup aggravates. And when your heating system is continuously overworked, overheating becomes imminent. Your boiler also has a pump designed to facilitate the circulation of water around the entire system. Now, if it's faulty, it can't push water out of the boiler. This leads to overheating since the boiler reheats the hot water repeatedly without letting in cold water. Note that a circulation problem can result from severe blockages within the system. To solve this, you need to hire a boiler repair expert who will examine and pinpoint the exact source of the problem and fix it accordingly.

Indicators of an Overheating Problem in Your Boiler

Extensive overheating in boilers puts internal components under a lot of stress, which eventually leads to irreparable damages. Fortunately, this isn't a problem in modern boilers anymore since they are designed to shut down when this problem is detected. Therefore, if your central heating system suddenly shuts down, it's probably due to the safety features installed to tackle overheating. Radiators are also a major indicator of a malfunctioning boiler. If your boiler's radiator is cold at the bottom, it may be that your central heating system has blockage issues. The boiler components mostly affected by this problem include the drain, nozzle, vent, and heat exchanger. Once you unclog your heating system, the bottom of the radiator will receive a sufficient flow of water and heat, thereby preventing overheating 

Fixing an Overheating Boiler

An overheating problem in your boiler can arise from different causes, majorly blockages and limescale buildup within it among many other causes. And unless you are a trained and skilled boiler repair technician, you may not be able to troubleshoot accurately. Therefore, it's advisable to call in the experts when facing an overheating heating system. They possess the expertise and tools like alignment clamps, tube expanders, and tube cutting saws required to fix the issue before it aggravates and incapacitates your entire heating system. 

For more information on your heating system, contact a professional near you.