Sounds That Can Mean Residential Air Conditioning Problems

7 March 2023
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There are a lot of ways that your home's air conditioner can let you know that there are problems going on with it. For example, if you feel a change in the temperature throughout your home, then this alone can let you know that there's a change that can indicate the need for someone to come out and repair it. Also, you may end up seeing that there is an excessive amount of moisture, and this can indicate an issue that you'll need to have fixed. However, a very common way that many homeowners generally find out that their air conditioning system is in need of repairs is to hear something different. Here are some of the types of sounds you want to watch out for because hearing them can indicate that you need a technician to come out and repair your system: 

You hear a whooshing or whistling sound

A whooshing or whistling sound that you can hear in your home can indicate that there is a leak in the air conditioning ducts. This is a problem for several major reasons. For one thing, when there is a leak in the ducts, then it means that you will likely start to notice that certain areas of the home aren't feeling as comfortably cool as the rest of the home. Also, the leak will cause your air conditioning system to work much harder because it will be trying to keep the home at a lower temperature while much of the cool air it's pushing through isn't even getting into the home. This can cause a lot of wear on your air conditioning system, leading to more frequent repairs and the need for premature replacement. Also, that extra work the system is doing will cause your energy bills to become much higher. 

You hear a banging sound

If you hear a banging noise coming from your air conditioner, then this is likely caused by a part in the compressor that's broken. There is likely something that's come loose or come apart due to the breakage, and the sound you are hearing is it moving around. The part may be a piston pin, a connecting rod, or something else. It's important to have a repair technician come out right away for this issue. 

You hear a clicking sound

A clicking sound as the system starts up or shuts down is normal. However, if you are hearing clicking sounds at other times, then this can indicate there are problems. Some examples of things that may cause clicking noises include a malfunctioning thermostat, something caught in the fan, a loose fan, or even a capacitor that's losing its charge. No matter what the issue is, you will want a technician to take a look and fix it.

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