4 Factors That Affect Your Air Conditioner's Longevity

5 August 2022
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Every AC has a projected service life within which the unit is expected to operate optimally when well maintained. However, certain elements may undermine the AC's performance, reducing its lifespan. Thus, it is imperative that you schedule regular tune-ups with an AC technician to assess your unit, detect the underlying problems and remedy them to sustain the unit's service life.

The following factors affect your AC system's lifespan.

Design of AC Unit

The outdoor condenser unit is prone to damage by environmental factors, e.g., inclement weather, pets, and kids. Since damage to the unit requires repairs, which may gradually reduce its lifespan, installing a unit with wraps around it is important. To begin with, an AC with louvered wraps deflects UV rays and wicks moisture away from the coils. Moreover, these wraps prevent weed whackers from entering the unit and deter children from lodging objects therein. Consequently, your unit operates more consistently for longer without sustaining damage.


Improper DIY installation may hinder the actualization of your AC unit's lifespan. If the installation specifications are not adhered to, crucial steps may be skipped, compromising the unit's performance. For instance, installing restrictive filters may strain the unit's ability to draw enough air for cooling, while failing to situate the vents at strategic points may cause inconsistency in indoor temperatures. 

Additionally, a DIY installation may fail to secure connections and screws, causing the refrigerant to leak and the compressor to overheat. As a result, your system wears out much faster, reducing the AC's lifespan as components experience premature failure.


Frequent AC use increases the unit's run time, meaning that your unit sustains additional wear and tear that reduces its lifespan. Conversely, an air conditioner running for shorter periods wears down slower, thus increasing its lifespan. As such, you should hire AC repair services to diagnose your system for signs of wear and tear and either repair or replace the components for long service life.

Lack of Maintenance

Over time, AC components wear down, making the appliance vulnerable to occasional breakdowns. For example, bearings need lubrication from time to time to prevent them from drying out and grinding against each other. Accordingly, servicing is aimed at preventing the ripple effect of a single component's malfunction causing secondary damage to the other parts. In addition, with regular maintenance, your unit requires fewer repairs, thus extending its lifespan. Therefore, you need to schedule preventative maintenance to clean your system and fasten the connections securely to peak functionality.

A properly serviced AC gives you a long and efficient service life. Thus, you should schedule routine AC tune-ups to ensure the system operates effectively to preserve its longevity.