Tips For HVAC Maintenance

27 June 2022
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After installing an HVAC unit, you need to implement HVAC maintenance to increase the unit's efficiency and improve the air quality around your home. Preventive care goes a long way to reduce your energy bills and get the best service from your unit. Below are some maintenance tips for your HVAC unit.

Frequently Clean and Change the Air Filter

Do you recall when you last cleaned or replaced your air filters? The air filter collects dust, pollen, debris, and other particles over time, which can clog it and reduce the unit's performance. Your HVAC system will have to work harder if dust builds on the air filters. It will consume a lot of electricity, which will raise your energy cost. The presence of dust on the air filters increases the likelihood of the unit malfunctioning. 

Your HVAC unit will have a lesser load to clean if you clean and replace the air filter as often as the manufacturer suggests. It will be more efficient and use less energy as a result.

Adjust Your Internal Temperatures

You decide the optimal temperature to set on the unit's thermostat, depending on your personal comfort. However, the most effective HVAC maintenance tip is to regulate the temperature according to your needs. Most units have a recommended optimum temperature level to ensure the system functions efficiently.

Use a programmable thermostat to control your home's heating and cooling efficiency. Turning down your thermostat can help save on your energy bills. Additionally, failing to adjust the internal temperatures as often as possible could force the unit to work harder, reducing its efficiency. 

Seal Incoming Drafts

Unfortunately, most homeowners prioritize stopping air infiltration during winter but ignore the summer season. Sealing drafts is an underrated HVAC maintenance tip that could save energy,

When air leaks around your home, it reduces your HVAC unit's full potential due to heat loss. To maintain your system, close doors, windows, and other openings before turning the unit on. Ensure you get a good weather seal and put weather strips on the door to prevent air leaks. Common openings around the house to check for drafts beside doors and windows are chimneys, electrical outlets, and attics.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance and Servicing with a Professional

Despite your best efforts to maintain your unit, you don't have the necessary expertise in HVAC systems. Therefore, it's essential to call in a licensed HVAC expert for inspections, repairs, and preventive HVAC maintenance at least twice every air.

A professional will check the drainage system, refrigerant levels, and voltage and inspect for any loose wires. An expert can catch any upcoming problems with the unit and repair them before they become inconvenient. Also, call in an expert when you hear excessive noises or notice other issues with the system.

For more information, contact an HVAC contractor near you.