Clear Signs Your Heating System Maintenance Is Long Overdue

27 June 2022
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While every homeowner knows the significance of having a functional heating system, particularly during the cold months, most people get caught off-guard when the system malfunctions. 

Only a few people prioritize the well-being of the residential heating unit, a habit that leads to unnecessary downtime. Most heater breakdowns creep up unexpectedly, so ensuring the issues don't occur in the first place is vital.

Heating maintenance is a reliable way to ensure the system functions optimally without compromising your home's safety. Here are signs your heating service is long overdue.

Dust and Dirt 

Air filter change is an integral part of heating unit maintenance. It helps clean the air, preventing respiratory issues like asthma. This measure also ensures that your system doesn't work hard to push the air via a congested filter, an issue known to cause mechanical problems. 

But, you will need to consider the frequency at which you change the filter and its condition. The unit might need repair if the filter gets clogged fast even though it's changed regularly. Besides, more dust around the house indicates leaking ducts or dirty filters.

Weird Sounds

Do you hear a rattle, squeal, or banging sound whenever you engage the heater? Strange sounds like these are signs that your heating system requires some service. The sounds will occur if components like the fan, motor, or blower aren't functioning optimally. Certain moving parts may need maintenance or replacement occasionally to ensure the heater operates efficiently.

Unit Doesn't Attain the Set Temperature

If your heating system isn't reaching the set temperatures and the attempts to adjust the thermostat don't yield any results, schedule heater maintenance immediately. Although this issue may occur due to a faulty thermostat, it could also mean the heating system's lifespan is almost complete. If the repairs are needed more frequently, consider replacing the system to enjoy more efficient heating in the future and save money in the long run.

Broken Ignition System

If your heating system relies on gas, it will need a device like the pilot light or an electric igniter to light the gas. Failing to maintain your heating unit regularly can cause an ignition system malfunction. This issue is noticed fast because there will be nothing to ignite the fuel to generate the much-needed warm air in your home.

Consider calling a technician to fix the ignition system issue instead of DIYing. The ignition system has numerous built-in safety devices, but that doesn't mean it's safe enough to be repaired by an unskilled person. 

For more information about heating maintenance, contact a local company.