3 Tips To Create An Energy-Efficient Home

12 May 2022
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An energy-efficient home translates to low utility bills. So, if you feel like you have been spending too much on energy bills, this guide is for you. 

Learn more about the main ways to make your home more efficient and save more money.

Invest in Energy Saving Light Fixtures

Did you know that lighting takes up approximately 12.5% of the average monthly utility bills for most households? Investing in more energy-saving fixtures can go a long way toward lowering your high energy bills. 

Look for bulbs with Energy Star labels, since they have been tested and proven to consume less energy than the standard light bulbs. You may also consult an electrician to advise you on the best lighting fixtures to suit your needs and budget.

Tip: Switch off lights when you don't need them. Open blinds during the day to let in natural light and eliminate the need to turn on your lighting fixtures. Such habits will see you lower your bills significantly.

Focus on the HVAC System

The HVAC system is among the systems that consume the highest amount of energy in most homes. Still, you can't risk turning the system off as it dictates how comfortable, healthy and habitable your indoor space will be.

Thankfully, you can minimize the amount of energy consumption by only raising or lowering the temperature settings by a few degrees when you're out of the house. Also, think about improving your home's ventilation to give the heating and cooling system an easier task regulating indoor temperatures.

Most importantly, invest in regular HVAC maintenance. Even minor malfunctions can harm the efficiency of your HVAC system. Clogged filters, for instance, can increase energy consumption by up to 15%

Similarly, frozen coils force the HVAC to work harder to maintain healthy temperatures. The system will need more energy to do the same amount of work than it would have if it wasn't faulty. The demand for more energy will spike up your monthly utility bills. 

Routine Electrical Inspections

Faulty electrical appliances and outlets spike up your bills and pose serious safety hazards. For instance, faulty wiring may cause power leakage, resulting in a lot of wasted electrical power. On the other hand, old circuit breakers and fuses might not be sufficient enough to cater to your family's electrical needs.

You can hire an electrician to routinely perform a comprehensive system inspection. The electrician will identify any underlying problems that could be compromising your home's energy efficiency. Besides making the necessary repairs, they can advise you on crucial maintenance tips to prevent serious issues from recurring.