3 Reasons Your AC Unit May Freeze Up And How To Fix The Problem

20 April 2021
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Your air conditioner plays a critical role in cooling the indoor environment during the hot season. Unfortunately, it may not work efficiently when any of its components are faulty or not working. An AC unit has various components that work together to maintain the cool environment you need when it's hot. When the AC unit freezes, it might not be possible to enjoy cool indoor air. It's good to know why the unit seems to freeze up and why you should contact air conditioning repair service.

When Its Refrigerant Has Reduced

The amount of AC refrigerant should always be optimal for it to function efficiently. The refrigerant properties vary based on the amount of pressure available. If the liquid is adequate, it will easily pass through those AC lines without issues. But when the pressure reduces, the refrigerant will also change. 

And since the air circulating in the house is usually moist and warm, it will condense as it travels over the AC evaporator, and it will eventually freeze on those coils. The frozen air then changes to ice, which then compromises insulation. By so doing, the AC system fails to function as it should, and it needs a technician to repair it.

When the Unit's Airflow Is Compromised

Your AC unit needs enough air to generate enough heat and function well. Without adequate heat, condensation will still take place on the coils.  But when there's adequate heat, the condensation will not turn into ice, affecting the unit's efficiency. 

If you notice problems with airflow, get AC technicians to check the air filters, repair the damaged ones, and clean them if they are dirty. But if they are too dirty, the technicians may have to replace them to enhance airflow. You could also experience airflow issues if the air ducts are blocked.

When the Blower Fan Is Damaged

The blower fan in your AC unit plays a major role in making cooling more effective. It helps remove the warm air from your house. As the air in the AC unit cools down, it gets denser. This makes it difficult for the air to travel properly. 

When this happens, the blower fan uses the "sucking" technique to remove the hot air, allowing the cool denser air to replace it. Actually, the fan helps maintain the correct air pressure levels and airflow. However, all this won't happen if the fan is damaged. In this case, contact the air conditioning repair service to fix the issue so you can enjoy a cool environment in your home.

So if you realize the AC unit has started to freeze up, you now know the probable culprits. In this case, it's advisable to contact an air conditioning technician to inspect the unit and determine the repairs needed to deal with the freezing problem.

Contact a local HVAC contractor to learn more about air conditioning repair.