Getting a New Furnace for an HVAC System

8 February 2021
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Although there are several parts to an HVAC system that enable it to provide warmth, a furnace is the most needed part. A furnace is the part that is able to actually transform cool air into warm air by heating it up. When an HVAC works but is unable to provide heat, is often due to something being wrong with the furnace, such as the pilot light need to be reignited.

However, it is sometimes necessary for a furnace to be replaced in order for the heater to work, especially when it only functions for a short while before repairs are needed again. If your HVAC system is in need of a new furnace, continue reading for information that you might find useful.

Home Insurance Coverage for a New Furnace

If you are wondering whether your home insurance policy will cover the expenses for a new furnace, it could depend on a few things. For example, it is possible that your policy only covers replacing the furnace if it was damaged as the result of a fire in your home. If the furnace is old and suffers from normal wear and tear, it might not be covered under your home insurance policy. Paying for a new furnace on your own might cost several thousand dollars. The cost of the furnace will depend on the model, size, and energy-efficiency level that you choose.

Furnace Options to Choose Between

You have multiple options when it comes to replacing the furnace, but you should choose wisely. If your old furnace ran off of electricity, you might want to replace it with an electric furnace rather than a gas option if there aren't already gas lines. This way you won't have to spend extra money to get gas lines installed. However, a gas furnace can be more energy-efficient than an electric one because it makes air get hotter. You also have the option of choosing a furnace that runs off of oil. Ask an HVAC expert to help you make the wisest choice.

How a New Furnace Should Be Installed

If you don't have skills in the field of furnace installation, hire a professional to do it for you. Installing any type of furnace on your own can be dangerous without the right skills. A technician will make sure installation is done safely and the proper way to ensure that your furnace works right after the work is done.