Upgrading The Furnace That Warms Your Home

4 January 2021
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Without an efficient heating system, you may struggle with keeping your home at an acceptable temperature during the winter months or you may be more likely to overpay on your heating expenses. As a result of the importance of your home's heating system, you should always be as thorough as possible when you are assessing the possible options for your next furnace.

Decide Whether Switching From Electric To Gas Can Be A Good Option

If your home currently has an electric powered furnace, there may be some benefits to switching to a gas power system. Furnace systems that use gas will often be more efficient in terms of the operating costs while also outputting superior amounts of heat to comparable electric systems. In order to take advantage of one of these systems, your home will need a gas connection. Luckily, many older homes may already have one of these connections in place, which could make this switch very simple.

Choose A Furnace With A High-Performance Motor Powering It

The furnace likely has a powerful motor that is used to circulate the warmth that the system is creating. This is among the most energy-intensive components of the furnace system as this powerful motor will need to run whenever the furnace is generating heat. Luckily, this does not always have to be a major expense as there are modern high-performance motors that will be able to distribute the heat from the furnace while using less power. This is due to the adjustable speeds of the motor, which allows the unit to avoid running on maximum when it may not be required.

Upgrade The Thermostat At The Same Time

In order to make the most out of your new furnace, you will need to have a high-quality thermostat. This device will control the entire heating system, and any performance problems with the thermostat can lead to more severe issues with the furnace itself. Due to this reason, you should generally look at upgrading your thermostat at the same time that you are replacing your furnace system. This will allow you to invest in a modern smart thermostat that will be able to more accurately control the temperature in the home, potentially interface into your home automation system or even allow for you to control the home's temperature when you are away from it. Furthermore, a modern feature-rich thermostat will be an extremely affordable addition to your new furnace system.

To learn more about furnace systems, contact a local HVAC contractor.