Information About Your HVAC System

26 October 2020
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You need to have basic knowledge of your HVAC system to make sure you run it efficiently, to know you are giving it the maintenance it requires, and so you know you will spot problems early on and know how to best proceed. This article on commonly asked questions covering HVAC systems and the answers can help you to learn these things. 

What does HVAC mean?

If you aren't sure what the term HVAC means, then you will want to become familiar with it. The H is for heating, the V is for ventilation, and the AC is for air conditioning. An HVAC system will take care of the heating and air conditioning in the home, as well as filter the air as it draws it into the system, ensuring that the air that is heated or cooled is returned to the home fresher than before, improving the air quality. 

What areas are there of an HVAC system?

When it comes to a central HVAC system, there are several components. There is the outside unit where the air is drawn to in order to be heated and cooled. There is the air return where the air in the home is pulled through and taken to be heated or cooled, and there are the registers where the air is put back out into the home. There are the ducts the air travels through, and there is the thermostat where the unit is controlled, meaning where you turn it on, turn it off, and set the temperature. 

What are some things that can go wrong with the HVAC system?

When it comes to the heating and cooling from the HVAC system, there are various things that can go wrong. For one thing, there can be issues in the condenser area that can be caused from everything from worn belts to holes in hoses. Connections can be a problem or parts can be worn or broken. Also, there can be issues in the ducts that come in the form of separations or holes. Then, the thermostat itself can be having issues that can prevent the system from being turned on or cause you to not be able to set the system to the temperature that you are trying to set it to. It's important to have your system repaired any time there is something wrong with it so you can count on the heater and/or the air conditioner to run the way you need it to.

For more information on heater repair or other HVAC repairs, contact a local HVAC contractor.