Tips for Household Air Conditioning Repair Work

23 July 2020
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Air conditioning repair is a significant matter that requires a homeowner's attention. You won't gracefully get through any summer season today unless you have high-tech air conditioning that works on demand. It starts with finding the right professionals and knowing what work you need. Check for contractors that are American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) approved and check all of their references. 

Below are a few common types of air conditioning repair that a licensed and accredited professional should help you with. 

1. Know what to do when your air conditioner won't turn on

The air conditioning system not turning on is one of the most common problems that homeowners deal with. This is usually an issue with the thermostat signal not communicating or a busted fuse. These problems require hands-on care from an HVAC company since it could stem from any number of problems. You'll pay around $300 for such air conditioning repairs. 

2. Check on the capacitors and compressors

Capacitors and air compressors are other issues that you should remain aware of. A capacitor stores the energy in your AC system and sends it to the motor and throughout the rest of your equipment. Changing or fixing a broken capacitor will get your air conditioner back up and running in no time. The capacitor and installation process will cost a few hundred dollars depending on who you hire to handle the job. The air compressor is the part that cools and disperses the air through your home. Fixing an air compressor will cost you depending on the compressor's size.  

3. Fix a busted thermostat and any problems with humidity

Thermostat issues also require your attention when your air conditioner isn't working. This equipment needs constant service since it dictates the performance you get. You can get a simple thermostat installation for about $45, but you'll want to pay $235 or more and spring for a high-tech programmable unit. 

HVAC contractors can even go so far as to install climate control settings in your household that will keep you comfortable. Managing your indoor humidity will keep you comfortable and prevent the development of mold. A quality humidifier system will cost you approximately $600 to $1,000 and may cost you more than $1,500. During these thermostat house calls, the HVAC contract can also run air quality tests. 

Let these tips help you out when you're trying to get air conditioning repair work for your home.