3 Reasons To Consider Ductless Air Conditioning When Remodeling

30 June 2020
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Air conditioning is considered an essential amenity for most modern homeowners. Many different types of air conditioning systems are available on the market today, and each offers a unique approach to keeping your home cool.

If you are planning to remodel your home this summer, you should consider making the switch to a ductless air conditioning system. These systems have the potential to offer a wide range of benefits over time.

1. Greater Control

Homeowners who install a ductless air conditioning system gain more control over the temperature within their homes. Ductless systems are designed to create zones within your home.

You can use these zones to determine which areas get cooled and which areas do not. By limiting cooling resources to the areas in which your family spends the most time, you can significantly reduce your cooling costs throughout the summer months.

Having the ability to create different temperature settings for each area in your home also allows you to maximize the comfort of your living space.

If you want to have a greater measure of control over your indoor cooling, consider the installation of a ductless air conditioning system during your home remodel.

2. Reduced Maintenance

Maintaining a forced-air cooling system can be daunting. In addition to keeping your outdoor condenser clean, you must also maintain the ducts that service a forced-air system. Ductless air conditioners can eliminate routine duct cleanings.

Eliminating ducts from your home can also eliminate the problems that go with them. Excess moisture from leaks or foul odors from decaying rodents within the ducts won't be a problem when you make the switch to a ductless air conditioning system during your remodel project.

3. Placement Flexibility

A home remodel is meant to improve the appearance and function of your home. Making the choice to include a ductless air conditioning installation in your remodel can help you accomplish these goals.

You have a greater level of flexibility when it comes to placing the components of a ductless system. You won't have to use part of your home's landscape to house an outdoor condenser.

The exterior components of a ductless system can be placed anywhere, including outside the second story of your home. This placement flexibility will let you adjust the location of your AC equipment to complement your home remodel.

Talk to an HVAC contractor about adding the installation of a ductless air conditioning system to your upcoming home remodel project.