Furnace Repair 101: Here's Why Your Furnace Is Making These Noises

11 May 2020
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Your furnace should not operate loudly. Sometimes an issue such as a noisy furnace gets ignored by homeowners. The issue can become a matter of getting used to hearing the sound. Visitors may make remarks about the sound because they are not used to hearing it. If your furnace starts making noises, you need to determine the last time you had it inspected and serviced.

Noises coming from a furnace are indicative of malfunctioned parts or the need for a furnace tune-up. Ignoring furnace repair could result in additional damages. This is why a noisy furnace issue requires attention as soon as possible. The following points will help you understand some sounds you may hear if you need a furnace repair and what causes the sounds. 

Humming Sound

A low humming sound is common for some furnaces. The sound is produced by the transformer in the furnace. However, if the sound emitted is loud, and you can hear it even when you are not near the furnace, the transformer may be on the verge of needing replacement. A faulty transformer is a serious issue that requires immediate furnace repair to protect a furnace from further damages. 

Banging Sound

You might hear this sound when you turn on your furnace. This is often a sign of dirty burners, which is a serious issue because the combustion is delayed and a fire could occur. Your best defense against dirty burners is getting routine HVAC servicing for your furnace. Contractors who perform this service clean burners during the process. 

Scraping Sound

A faulty blower wheel can produce this annoying sound. The sound can make some individuals feel unnerved. You should not operate your furnace if you suspect it has a broken blower wheel. The risk of further damage is significant. 

Screeching Sound

This sound might be caused by a defect with the furnace motor. The bearings in the motor will likely need to get replaced at some point in the life cycle of your furnace. Replacing the bearings will eliminate the sound if worn out bearings are the underlying reason for the sound. You can extend the life of the motor and the bearings by keeping up with a routine maintenance schedule.

An HVAC contractor is a good resource to use to determine the cause of a noisy furnace. They can make furnace repairs. These professionals can also offer insight into whether you need to start considering a furnace upgrade. If you require frequent furnace repairs, a furnace repair contractor might advise you to consider the benefits of upgrading.