Common Problems You Might Find With A Garage Heater

3 February 2020
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Many homeowners have garages that are unheated and they can be very uncomfortable during the winter. However, if you live in a colder region, you may choose to invest in a garage heater. However, like with other types of heaters, this unit can break down and may need to be repaired.


If you are operating a gas-powered garage heater, you may smell fumes. This is a sign that you are not properly ventilating your garage. Without proper ventilation, fumes can build up and can become a health hazard. Make sure to not remain in the garage for an extended period until you have solved the problem.

Unplugged Electric Heaters

If the heater is not working and it is electric, check to verify that the heater is plugged in. If the heater is plugged in, there might be a tripped circuit breaker. Double-check the thermostat to make sure that it isn't set too low. If it isn't, the thermostat might be defective.

Moisture Seepage

Natural gas heaters can suffer from moisture seepage issues. For example, they might suffer from corrosion. Make sure that your natural gas heater is repaired before it wears out. Otherwise, you may need to replace the heater.

Defective Fan Motors

The fan motor can sometimes burn out. Also, the switch used to turn the fan motor on and off can sometimes stop working. The fan motor might also have burned out. If this is the case, the motor can be inspected using an ohmmeter. If the current is reaching the motor, but the motor is still not working, the motor needs to be replaced.

Defective Controllers

Natural gas heaters use an adjustable controller to control the temperature. However, this controller can become loosened. You will need to use a screwdriver to tighten it. If you notice that the controller has become damaged, you'll need to replace it. The good news is that the controllers are typically the same for each garage heater brand.

Loose Wiring

In some cases, the fan might work, but the heater does not generate heat. In this situation, you'll need to check the wiring to make sure that it's not loose or that the wires aren't damaged. 

Heating repair technicians are often trained in how to repair garage heaters as well as other devices used for heating. For this reason, if you are struggling to figure out what is wrong with your garage heater, you should consider contacting a heating repair service.