3 Helpful Services A Commercial Air Conditioning Company Can Provide

26 November 2019
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If you own a commercial building, one of the most important systems to keep an eye on is the commercial air conditioning unit. Taking care of it regularly doesn't have to be a challenge when you work with a commercial air conditioning company. They can provide the following helpful services today. 

Filter Change

The air filter is one of the more important components of your entire commercial HVAC system, despite it not costing that much. To work properly, it needs to be changed out on a regular basis. This will be an easy task to manage when you hire a commercial air conditioning company.

They offer filter changes on a schedule, so right when your filter has reached its life expectancy, a new one will be set up to ensure optimal cooling performance. The company also will ensure only the best air filters are used as to prevent major AC-related repairs.

Coolant Refill

If your commercial air conditioning system isn't producing cool air anymore, a reason for this could be low coolant. Filling this type of substance needs to be carried out by a licensed commercial air conditioning company for legal and safety reasons.

They'll assess the type of HVAC that's on your property and then bring out the right refrigerant. They'll make sure the system is filled to the correct levels and then test your system, ensuring cool air is getting inside your commercial building properly. They can also check for leaks at this time to make sure your coolant lines haven't been comprised.  

General Inspection

Even if nothing seems to be wrong with your air conditioning system, it's still a good idea to get help from a commercial AC company. They can perform general inspections to make sure you didn't miss any red flags. 

These general inspections will focus on a lot of parts, including the evaporator coils, blower motor, and condenser. If there are any problems with these parts, they'll be recorded in a concise report. You'll receive it at the end of the inspection, so you know exactly what condition your commercial AC system is in. You can then respond to problems accordingly.

The AC system is such an important part of your commercial building, especially when it starts getting hot outside. To ensure optimal performance and minimal repairs, be sure to work with a commercial air conditioning company, such as Robison Air. They can perform a bevvy of services to keep your commercial AC system working like a charm.