When Your Heat Isn't Warm Enough: System Repairs To Keep You Warm This Winter

28 January 2019
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While it's important to get your heating system serviced once a year, this is sometimes overlooked. If you forgot to have your heating system serviced and you no longer have a system that provides adequate heat, contact your HVAC contractor to see what is wrong. The problem could be a simple fix, such as a broken thermostat, or you may have even run out of fuel. Your furnace may be failing, which is generally the most expensive repair. An HVAC contractor will look over your heating system, test the efficiency of your furnace, and make recommendations for your heating system to make sure you have a system that works all the time.

System Maintenance Improves Heating System Longevity

When you get your heating system serviced before you need to use it everyday, you are giving your system the care it needs to last longer. An HVAC contractor will look at your furnace to see how well it is working. Your system will get cleaned and you will be given an estimate for any repairs that need to be made. Good system maintenance helps your system and keeps it running more efficiently; this saves you money on fuel costs and reduces the money that gets spent on emergency repairs.

Basic Issues When You Have No Heat

There are some simple reasons you may not have heat when you come home from work. Check your circuit breakers to make sure that the one to your furnace hasn't tripped. Make sure that you have the fuel you need for your furnace to run. You may also have a problem with your thermostat, or perhaps there was a system-wide power outage and your home just got power back. Look for the basic problems first to see if you can identify why you have no heat. If you can't find the problem, a heating repair specialist will.

More Complex Issues to Fix

Furnaces last roughly 15-20 years. If your system is older than that, it could be beyond repair. The efficiency of your furnace will be tested. If the efficiency is low, it may cost you too much money to run the system. Your technician will be able to determine what is wrong and suggest if you need a new furnace or if the one you have can be repaired.

Don't be left in the cold. If your heating system isn't working correctly, contact an HVAC contractor today for help.