Causes and Remedies of Uneven Forced Air Heating in Your Home

12 November 2018
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Once the weather begins changing and getting colder, you will at some point turn on your heating system in order to stay warm. When you do this, do you notice that certain parts of your house are really warm while other parts are too cold? If so, your heating system is unevenly balanced. Luckily, there might be some simple solutions to fix this. Here are some of the top causes of uneven heating along with remedies that might help fix them.

Blocked Register Vents

The air that comes from your furnace to the rooms in your homes must be able to escape into the rooms through the register vents. If there is a room that is too cold in your house, check to see if the register vents are blocked. If, for example, you have a small dresser covering the only vent in a room, the heat will naturally not be able to enter into the room due to the vent being covered up by the small dresser. You should go through your entire home to check the register vents for this problem. As you check each one, make sure they are all open.

Additionally, you could try closing the vents in the rooms that are too hot and keeping the vents open in the rooms that are too cold. If you do this, more heat may force its way into the colder rooms and may flow less into the rooms that are getting too warm. This could solve the problem you are having.

Low Airflow

A second reason you may experience uneven heating is due to low airflow. If your furnace is not producing a high enough heat airflow, you will have trouble keeping every room in your house warm. The main cause of low airflow is a dirty air filter. If you can, check your air filter in the furnace and replace it if it is dirty. You should aim to replace your filter every couple of months, or even more frequently, to keep the airflow strong. Replacing the filter also protects the furnace and offers a lot of other benefits.

Rising Heat

If you have a two-story home and only one zone in your heating system, you will probably always fight the problem of the upstairs feeling hot while the downstairs is cold. If this is the problem you have, you will need to contact a heating company to find out what solutions are available for fixing it. You can contact any heating company you would like if you are ready to schedule an appointment for services.