Install These 4 Things To Help With AC Efficiency

12 April 2018
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Your air conditioner's efficiency is a function of multiple factors. For example, there are cases where additional installations are needed to help the air conditioner run efficiently. Here are some of the useful installations and how they can help your AC run better:

1. Smart Thermostat

Consider installing a smart thermostat as soon as possible if you are still using the old analog ones. Smart thermostats have different features, but in most cases:

  • You can control them remotely
  • You can program them
  • They can learn your heating and cooling habits

All these smart features can combine to make your HVAC more energy efficient. For example, you can turn set the thermostat low, say when you are away on vacation, so that it doesn't consume unnecessary power. You can also program your thermostat to offer different cooling and heating levels depending on the season and time of day, which allows the HVAC to run efficiently even if you forget to set it.

2. Humidifier

Your AC doesn't just make your house comfortable by lowering the temperature; it also works by controlling your house's humidity. This is necessary because a humid environment feels hotter and more uncomfortable than it actually is. However, the humidity-control ability of the AC isn't perfect, and it may struggle if your house is too humid. Installing a humidifier will take some load off your AC because the humidifier will be handling some of the humidity.

3. Weather Stripping

Weather stripping is a material that is installed around openings, commonly doors and windows, to make them airtight and prevent air leakage. It is necessary because many doors and windows don't close perfectly; some air still manages to pass when they are closed. This causes energy inefficiency because outside air may get into the house and conditioned air may escape outside; both things lead to wastage of energy because the AC ends up handling more air than it should.

4. Ceiling fan

A ceiling fan will help your AC become more energy efficient by aiding it in air circulation. It is particularly useful for houses with unusually high ceilings where heated air may rise and get trapped on the ceiling. In such a case, the ceiling fan will help re-circulate the air throughout the room, reducing the AC's load in the process.

Do you feel like your AC is not performing as well as it should? The only way you can know whether you are dealing with an AC malfunction or you need further installations is to talk to a technician. For more information, contact a company like tcs heating and air.