Get The Most From Your AC Unit-- Learn What Factors Matter Most

7 August 2017
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Think your air conditioning will last forever? Well, that's wishful thinking. With attention to maintenance and care, the unit will last for many years, but forever might be a bit of a stretch. When it comes to just how long it will last, there are several factors that contribute to lifespan. Learn what factors play the greatest role to help get the most from the unit:

System Configuration

Have a unit that is too large or small for the size of the home it is cooling? A yes to this question could mean a shorter than average lifespan. When a unit is not properly configured for the size of the home, this causes it to work harder than is necessary.

This is true for units on both ends of the spectrum. Homeowners should always rely on the advice of a professional when installing a new unit to ensure its properly sized for their home.

Filter Change Frequency

Just how committed you are to changing the filter will also impact the lifespan of the unit. Contrary to the belief of some, changing air filters is not just about improving air quality. It's also about ensuring that the unit is able to operate efficiently.

The more debris that collects on the surface of the filter, the harder the unit will work to cool the home. The harder the unit works, the more wear you can expect, which directly impact the lifespan. Make it a regular habit to change the filters in the unit as recommended by the manufacturer.

Home Location

The location of your home will also play a role in determining the lifespan of the unit. If you live on a beach, when it comes to your air conditioning unit, it's not always sunshine and happiness.

As a trade for an awesome location, you should also expect that your unit might not last as long as a home that is further from the water. Near the ocean, the excess salt in the air can cause the metal components inside the unit to corrode aggressively, which can cause complete failure.  

When it comes to getting the most out of your air conditioning, make sure you are keeping these ideas in mind. As an added tip, you should also pair with an HVAC professional to ensure you're staying on top of the system's maintenance needs. Combined, you can work towards getting the most use from your unit. 

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