How To Keep Your AC Cool

27 July 2017
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You need to keep your AC efficient if you want it to be cool and effective over the years. The problem is, even if there is nothing technically wrong with your AC system, it could become a wasteful energy hog if you don't check and maintain a few things on a regular basis. That is, you might have a top-of-line, energy efficient condenser, but it will be wasting energy if your air registers are not clean and clear. Basically, you often need to check the small things to make sure everything is in good working order before you call in professionals.

Of course, most serious repairs need to be handled by professionals, but there are many things that you can do by yourself to keep your AC pumping cool, clean air.

Are Your Condenser Coils Clean?

Most people don't know what condenser coils are, where they are located, or what they do. Basically, the coils are located on the outside walls of the condenser. They are the aluminum ridges that you can clearly see just inside of the metal cage. You don't need to remove this cage to efficiently clean the coils. To put it simply, the coils are responsible for drawing warm air out of the ducts so the cold air can be pumped in. The coils need to receive for airflow to work efficiently. Unfortunately, the coils get dirty very easily, especially if there is foliage, dirt, or trees around the condenser. You should spray all of this debris off of the coils at least once a year. This is all you need to do to keep the coil elements of your condenser running efficiently.

Is You Furnace Filter Clean?

The furnace filter is one of the easiest and cheapest things to fix. Many people don't think that the furnace has anything to do with their AC. However, the furnace is a huge part of a central AC system. The furnace pump is what distributes air into the ducts. So, if the filter is dirty, it can slow down the airflow and reduce your air quality. That is, you are more likely to have dust and allergens in the air flowing through your ducts. Check you filter at least once a year. Change it whenever there is dust build up.

If you keep the coils and filter clean, your system will benefit in many ways and you will probably end up with lower energy bills.