The Three Whys Of Your Air Conditioning

28 June 2017
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Knowing how to operate the central air conditioning unit in your home is not exactly rocket science, but it does come with some whys. From awkward noises to increased costs, most homeowners have a number of questions when it comes to their units. Here is a short guide to help you answer some of these concerns or at the very least, lead you in the right direction.

Why Are Costs Going Up

Wondering why the costs to cool your home keep going up? If you aren't drastically lowering the temperature on the thermostat, leaving the doors and windows open while running the A/C or some other cost increasing habit, the cause could be that your ducts are dirty and clogged.

With normal use, dirt and dust can collect in these spaces. In some instances, pests can even set up a home in these areas. The result is limited airflow. The less cool air to pass through the ducts and through the registers, the harder the unit will have to work. If you haven't had your air ducts cleaned in some time, it's a good idea to contact an HVAC professional for further investigation.

Why Isn't the Whole House Cool

When you turn on the air conditioning, you expect your entire home to be cool so when this is not the case, you realize you have some type of problem on your hands.

The first thing to check is whether all the registers in your home are open as it might simply be that the register is closed in the room that isn't cool. If this isn't the case, it could be that the unit is not sized properly for the size of your home or you need to have your ducts cleaned.

Why Are There Strange Noises

If you're wondering why your air conditioning unit is making strange noises, you first need to focus in on the type of sound you're hearing. If you're hearing a knocking or vibrating sound, this is often the result of a broken or loose part. If you hear this noise, you should stop using the unit and have it looked at right away to prevent further damage.

For a buzzing type of sound, this can be the result of debris inside the unit or an unbalanced blower. If you hear a chattering noise, this is also an immediate cause for concern. The chattering noise you hear could be a damaged fan or a problem with the condenser coils.

With your whys answered, you can take the steps you need to resolve the problem and get your system back operating efficiently.