Turn Your Home Into A Cooling Machine

27 June 2017
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If you go to turn on your air conditioner only to find that it won't work properly, then you want to put out a repair call to an HVAC repair company, such as Brian's Heat and Air, so they can come out and help as soon as they can fit you into their schedule. In the meantime, you'll want to do what you can to remain cool while you wait. Here are some ways you can actually turn your home into a cooling machine while you are waiting:

Use your windows to your advantage

In the morning, open a window in the main room all the way that has the morning breeze blowing against it. Go across the main room to another window and open it half way. This will cause that nice cool breeze to get sucked through the main area of the house and cause a significant drop in the temperature. Make sure you shut all the doors you can and put stoppers in others because this strong breeze can cause inside doors to slam shut with a strong force that can injure pets and small children.

There may be a learning curve with this method because if you leave the windows open too long then it can cause the house to heat up. As soon as you notice the morning breeze has stopped blowing, shut the windows. Or, as soon as that nice cool air turns into a bit of a warmer breeze, you want to shut them. This will trap in the cooler air which will help keep the home comfortable for a bit as the day outside heats up.

Use the cool air at the bottom of the house

If you have a multi-level house, then you can shut off access to the upper levels of the house which will become the hottest during the day. If you have lower levels, such as with a tri-level home, or you have a basement, then you can open up the lower areas. Then you can strategically set fans so the cooler air gets moved up to the common area, or main area, of the home so you feel better during the heat of the day.

Open the house up at night

Once you have made sure the outside air is nice and cool, you want to open the house up as much as you can. Open the windows and any doors that have screens on them. If there isn't a nighttime breeze, set fans in front of some windows and doors to draw in a bit more of that colder air. Try to get the house as cold as possible before you lock up at bedtime so the coolness will hopefully last you through the night so you can get a good night's sleep.