Many Useful Tips On Home Cooling

14 June 2017
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While you may count on your air conditioner to do the bulk of the cooling around your home, it's always a good idea to keep their cooling methods in mind. This way, you can cut down on the stress you put on the air conditioner and cut down on the expense of running it more than you have to. Here are some great tips for helping cool your home.

Keep the house shut up tightly

When you are running the air, you want the house to be as tightly sealed as possible. Not only does this include doors and windows, but it also includes things like attic access ways and doggy doors.

Consider replacing older compressors

If you have an older air conditioning unit, you should consider having the current compressor replaced with a new one. You do want to verify that it will be compatible with the system already in place.

Have ceiling fans installed

If you don't have ceiling fans, you should have them installed. Putting them in all the main rooms of the house can really help circulate cool air, and it may even decrease the hours you need to turn the air on.

Consider having trees planted

Planting trees around your home can cut down on the amount of sun that hits the walls and heats up the inside of your home.

Install window tint

Window tint comes in many colors, and this even includes one option that gives your windows the look of mirrors from the outside. They stop the heat from getting into the house through the windows.

Install awnings above windows 

Awnings will provide shade to areas where the roof doesn't extend enough to offer the windows a proper amount of shade.

Turn the air off when you are going to be gone a while

While it's not good to continuously turn the air conditioner on and off throughout the day, you do want to turn it off if you are going to be gone a while so it's not working longer than it has to. It shouldn't take it long to re-cool the house once you return.

Use a reusable air filter

When you use a reusable air filter, you will be more likely to keep it clean because you won't find yourself forgetting to pick a new one up and ending up running the air with a dirty filter in the meantime.

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