5 Great Reasons to Have a AC System Installed

4 April 2017
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Still on the fence about having that new air conditioning unit installed? With summers seemingly becoming hotter by the year, now's a great time to consider replacing your old air conditioning system or having one installed for the first time. Following are five ways that air conditioning can improve your quality of life. 

You'll Be Safer

Household intrusions are frequently crimes of opportunity—a potential thief or other criminal sees a window or door that's been left open to allow a cooling breeze into the house, and a crime is born. Up to 30-percent of all home intrusions occur in this manner, but most people can't bear to be shut up in a hot house when seasonal heat makes outdoor temperatures soar and succumb to the temptation of opening doors and/or windows to allow a cooling breeze inside.

After you have a new air conditioning unit installed, you'll experience the security of being able to lock your home up tight, ensuring the safety of household residents, without sacrificing personal health and comfort. 

You'll Keep Allergens Out 

Even if you live in an area where the possibility of household intruders with criminal intent is extremely low, intruders of a different sort can nonetheless wreak havoc on your well-being by accessing your home via open doors and windows—allergens. Windblown pollen is probably the worst offender—it can float into your home through the finest mesh door and window screen and have everyone itching and sneezing within a matter of hours or even minutes if they're particularly vulnerable to pollen allergies.

Keep in mind that many types of pollen is airborne for a reason—nature made it that way so it could travel long distances and help keep the species alive. There, you don't need to live next to a field of commercially grown perennial ryegrass or a huge rose garden to be negatively affected by pollen.

An air conditioning system will keep your interior living space pollen-free so that everyone in your household can breathe easy. As an added bonus, modern air conditioning units can be equipped with filters that drastically reduce the presence of household mold spores. 

You'll Keep Insects and Rodents Out

Insects and rodents are other household intruders that can gain entrance to home interiors when windows and doors are open to let in a refreshing breeze. Keep in mind that even if you've got finely meshed screens, small insects may still be able to gain access—and certain types of rodents, such as the common house mouse, can squeeze through an opening the size of a dime. 

You May Save Money 

Having a new air conditioning system installed in your home can save you money in two important ways. If you're replacing an existing system with an ENERGY STAR model, you can expect to see some pleasant surprises when you open up your electric bill. You may also reap financial rewards via your homeowners' insurance policy if you have a new air conditioning system installed, so be sure to ask your agent. 

You'll Get Better Sleep

Chances are you already know how difficult getting a good night's rest is when your sleeping area is too hot, and even if you don't mind leaving windows open during the daytime while you and other household residents are awake, you're undoubtedly aware of the dangers of doing so while sleeping. With a good air conditioning system keeping your home cool and comfortable while you sleep, you'll awake rested, refreshed, and ready to face the day instead of cranky, crabby, and feeling like you got no sleep at all. 

Please feel free to contact a local AC installation company for more assistance and advice on the benefits of having a new air conditioning unit installed in your home.