Air Conditioning Installation And Its Effect On Your Home

5 January 2023
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While many homes have never had air conditioning before, that's in the process of changing. Air conditioning is necessary for health because not being able to cool down in hot weather, especially at night, can be dangerous. You may be one of those people installing air conditioning for the first time because of previous issues with heat; if so, here's what you need to know about how the system you install may affect your home.

It May Affect Your Landscaping

Depending on the type of air conditioning system you have installed, and the location of any exterior portions, your landscaping may be affected. You may need to take out some of the lawn and install a concrete pad for the outdoor condenser coil unit for a central air conditioning system, for example. If you install individual wall units, you may have to remove shrubs that are by your home's walls if the unit will be under a window. The effects won't be huge, but they will be ones you have to maintain.

You Don't Have to Get a Central AC System

And you may not want one anyway. Central air conditioning is nice, but it requires the presence of ducts to allow for airflow to other rooms. If your home previously did not have air conditioning, it's not going to have ducts. That calls for a lot of construction work that you may not want to undergo. Instead, you can look at ductless mini-split systems. These will still require some work to get smaller ducts in place between the interior and exterior portions of the system. However, the work will not need to be nearly as extensive as that required to add central-air ducts. Any air conditioning system you install permanently requires some construction, but central air requires the most if your home doesn't already have ducts.

Try to Have It Done Now and Not in Spring

If you wait to have the air conditioner installed, then you're going to face more competition for appointment times. That's frustrating in and of itself. Another effect, though, is that your home could be uncomfortably warm if spring brings heat waves. If you're installing the air conditioning because someone's developed a health condition that requires staying cool, or because you've had health issues due to how hot your home has gotten in previous years, then you could face more of those problems as you wait for your installation appointment. Don't delay this. Take the time needed to make necessary decisions, of course. But don't think you can wait until spring and call for immediate installation.

Call a residential air conditioning servicing company now and start the process of evaluating types of air conditioning and which one might be most appropriate for your needs and your home. Once you choose a system, you can set up the appointments needed to handle landscaping, construction, and installation.