The AC Installation Guide to Compact, High-Velocity Ductwork

30 June 2021
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If you are looking for one of the most efficient AC options to help cool down your home, you might need something that is compact. Today, high-velocity HVAC systems provide heating and cooling options through a network of highly efficient compact ducts. Thus, you probably want to consider the options for the installation of a compact duct system. The following AC installation information will help you plan your high-velocity HVAC system:

The High-Velocity AC Unit

The AC unit is the first area where you may want to consider installing the new system. The high-velocity system can be an AC unit or a more complete HVAC solution. If you want to have both heating and cooling, an AC heat pump is a great option for high-velocity air conditioning systems.

Air Handlers and Plenums

The air handlers and plenums are other areas where you will want to plan for the installation of a compact ductwork system. These are the largest components of these systems and need to have plenty of space to operate properly. If you have enough room in your attic, this is usually one of the best areas for the installation of this HVAC equipment. If you don't have space in the attic, you will need to find space in other areas. Areas like a utility closet in the garage or some room in a crawl space may also be good areas to install this equipment.

Compact Duct Materials

When you have compact ducts, there are several options you can use the material for. The first option is rigid ductwork pipes that are about the size of plumbing drains. The small diameter of these ducts allows them to be installed in any small voids, such as in wall cavities. There are also options like flexible, compact ducts, which can reduce installation time and costs.

Vent Locations and Covers

After the installation of ducts, you need to choose the best location for vents. This is different from conventional HVAC system vents because you don't want the air to blow directly at people. Therefore, vents should be installed in a design that allows air to flow away from furniture, like seating and beds in bedrooms. There are also options for vent covers that can be great to match the interior design of your home.

High-velocity AC systems are an ideal solution for compact cooling and efficient HVAC designs. Contact a home air conditioning installation service to discuss the planning of a high-velocity air conditioning system for your home.