5 Reasons To Call Your AC Contractor

30 December 2019
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Your AC contractor is a specialist who will come to your home and address a variety of issues that you have with your home's cooling system. From getting a new air conditioner put in your property to managing the current unit you have, there will be times where getting the unit inspected or repaired will be necessary. Knowing when these times are will assist you in getting the most out of your unit and can actually help your air conditioner last longer.

Don't wait until it's the warmer season outside to begin looking for signs your air conditioner needs the assistance of your AC contractor. When you do your part to make your air conditioner strong and healthy, you also do your part to ensure your unit lasts a long time. Here are five reasons to call your AC contractor for your cooling needs.

Your air conditioner hasn't been used in a while

If your AC unit has been in storage for some time, have an AC contractor inspect the appliance before you use it for the season. You don't want to run an air conditioner with old filters or any mechanical issues, which may exist if you have had the unit in storage, particularly if you have been storing the AC unit without a cover or not standing upright.

Your air conditioner is not operating correctly

Is your air conditioner emitting warm air? Turning off and on periodically? Failing to turn on at all? These are issues to address with your AC specialist. Your AC contractor will fix the things that are wrong with your air conditioner to make the unit run soundly again.

Your air conditioner is costing you money

If your air conditioner is costing you more money in energy usage than usual, then you need to have the unit inspected to make sure it's not using more electricity than usual due to a mechanical issue. Or, you want to make sure the air conditioner is the right size for the room it serves so you aren't spending more money cooling your home than you should.

Your air conditioner is freezing up

Ice buildup on your air conditioner is not a good thing and can be a sign of poor ventilation or a bad hookup. If you have installed your air conditioner on your own, have your AC contractor make sure all is well.

Your air conditioner is older

How old is your AC unit? Your AC contractor may be able to recommend a newer model of AC unit for your needs so you can confidently keep your home cool and be modern at the same time.